A documentary written by
Osvaldo Bayer, Mariano Aiello, Kristina Hille
Documentary about the butchering of Argentina’s
indigenous communities, their banishment from their own land and
the current discrimination that their descendants suffer.

• Awka Liwen, the other story (page 12)

This documentary, written by Osvaldo Bayer, connects historical events with documents not previously shown, from Roca to the conflicts over export taxations. Racism in Argentina and the exaltation of the Country’s forebears.

• Crimes against indigenous must be recognized (Buenos Aires Herald)

... who brought a lawsuit against the release of their film, Awka Liwen (“Rebellion at Dawn”), because it slandered the family name.

• A revisionist, highly controversial tale (La Nación)

The historical road that Awka Liwen ("Rebel sunrise" en mapuche and “Rebelde Amanecer” in Spanish) follows does not stop with the Government’s politics regarding this topic or...

• The claim against a genocide documentary presented by Martinez de Hoz’s grandsons has been rejected (Telam)

“Roca planned to kill all the indigenous inhabitants” says Bayer in the documentary “Awka Liwen”, filmed in 2010; to achieve this, the documentary shows that the approval of...

• A documentary that has caused the outrage of the Martinez de Hoz family (La Izquierda Diario)

The judge of the Civil Court of Appeals, Eugenio Labeau, rejected the claim presented by the two grandsons of José Alfredo Martinez de Hoz, Minister from the dictatorship, against the release of the documentary.

• Osvaldo Bayer and Mariano Aiello talk about their documentary "Awka Liwen" (El Intransigente.com)

Theirs is a patriotic and authentic vision. A revisionist, highly controversial tale. An intensive study of the plan to exterminate the whole indigenous community.

• A country stained with indigenous blood (Clarin)

After watching Awka Liwen (Rebelde Amanecer), you will have two clear conclusions: it is the historical analysis of a topic that Osvaldo Bayer knows perfectly — the causes and consequences of...

• Osvaldo Bayer: “The most important value of education is ethics” (LaCapital.com.ar)

In 2008, he wrote the script for Awka Liwen (Rebelde Amanecer) together with filmmakers Mariano Aiello and Kristina Hille)...

• A new attempt to censor Osvaldo Bayer (Diario Tortuga)

Alejandro and José Martinez de Hoz, grandsons of the Minister for Economic Affairs during the last dictatorship, attacked once again the directors of the documentary “Awka Liwen”.

• Martinez de Hoz’s family attack Osvaldo Bayer once again (Parabuenosaires.com)

In 2010, the documentary Awka Liwen (Rebelde Amanecer), written by Osvaldo Bayer, premiered...

• Rebelde amanecer (ElLitoral.com)

Filmmaker Mariano Aiello recounts the process of making “Awka Liwen”, a documentary he directed together with Kristina Hille and Osvaldo...

• Martinez de Hoz’s great-great-great-grandchildren sue Osvaldo Bayer (Perfil.com)

... Alfredo Martinez de Hoz sued the writer Osvaldo Bayer for his documentary Awka Liwen, a film denouncing the killing and banishment of...
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